Distinctive characteristic of our training center is a possibility for flight crews to perform simultaneous flights on two simulators under identic simulated conditions. It enables to organize flights of two flight crews simultaneously on two simulators, including formation flight training, performance of joint search-and rescue actions, rendering of aid, etc.
For the first time we provide a possibility of NVG flight training for flight crews on MI-8/17 helicopter simulators certified in accordance with EASA regulations.
Our simulators create a feeling of real flight, embracing all systems of simulation – visualization, sound, movement, cockpit equipment. Due to complex technologies and unique software our simulators enable a 100% simulation of

    flights from a variety of airports;
    flights in different terrains, including mountains and sea;
    flights under different weather conditions;
    flights in any season and day/night time;
    flights in abnormal and emergency situations;
    instrument flights;
    NVG flights;
    formation flights.

   Aviation training center has the following simulators: