Our Aviation Training Center provides the following services for Mi-8/17 helicopter type “of all modifications, including MI-171 “MI-8AMT”, MI-17-1V “Mi-8MTV-1”, MI-17-V5 “Mi-8MTV-5”, MI-172”: 

    Flying personnel training (pilots and flight engineers) for Mi-8/17 helicopter type;
    Recurrent training for Mi-8/17 helicopter type ;
    Simulator training for Mi-8/17 helicopter type;
    Instructor training courses for Mi-8/17 helicopter type.

Additional training services:

    Instrument rating (IR);
    Flights with external load;
    Flights with water discharge device;
    Flights with application of hoist;
    Mountain Training;
    NVG Training;
    Formation Flying;
    SAR Training;
    Ship Operations Training;
    Firefighting Training;
    MCC Training.


NOTE: *Flight engineers are trained together with other crew members. The courses may be taught in Lithuanian, English, Russian and Spanish. Conduction of courses in another language is arranged by an individual agreement. Additionally we can provide to our clients all services of transport, accommodation and organization of leisure time.